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A close friend of mine came to visit me at school. While he was here we ventured out ot the beach on campus and snapped some pics. He later became the star of newest article for College Fashionista that in now live. Here’s a sneak peek of the article but be sure to check out all of the other talented writers on CollegeFashionista.com.

Weekends are the absolute best part of the week and the perfect outfit is a must in order to make the most of your weekend fun. No classes means no responsibility and two whole days to go on the most thrilling adventures. The best type of weekend is full of surprises so both you and your outfit must be ready for anything. My friend looks like he could be heading to a variety of events from looking at priceless works of art in a museum, eating lunch and a cute little café, riding roller coasters at six flags or even taking a lazy stroll on the beach. His ability to be fashion-forward, comfortable, casual and, most importantly, ready for absolutely anything can be accomplished by tackling a few minor obstacles.

The first obstacle when choosing a weekend ensemble is the ever changing weather. The best way to combat bipolar weather is by wearing an outfit with multiple layers. This fashionable Fashionisto pairs a denim jacket over a button-down shirt to provide an extra layer of warmth. However, he can just as easily shed his jacket if sun decides to peeks out from behind the clouds and warm the day.

The second hurdle is finding an outfit that is not only comfortable but also looks fantastic. When visiting new places, your friends will definitely be snapping as many pictures as they can. You’ve got to look good in their Instagram posts while still being comfortable enough to make the most of your adventures. Find a pair of shoes that can handle a lot of walking but still have some fun details. The Fashionistos shoes are exciting because they are an intense navy color and they have a soft suede surface. An interesting texture, colorful shoelaces or a fun pattern can amp up a comfortable pair of sneakers.

Weekends can be a greatest of times but make sure your outfit is weather-appropriate, comfortable and photoshoot ready. Remember that these are the memories that you will last a lifetime so be sure to make the most of them.

One Simple Change: Transition the outfit from day to night by switching the casual denim jacket to a classy blazer. The simple switch can take your look from a fun daytime adventure to a romantic date night.


Pineapple Girl

Angela Rose Keating | November 21, 2015


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