My New Obsession: Jenny Walton

Recently I was scrolling through Instagram when I stumbled across an interesting account. The account belongs to none other than the incredible jenny Walton. For those you who don’t know who this is she is a fashion illustrator and a very big name in the fashion industry. If you frequent Pinterest I almost guarantee that you have repined one of her images. Now she may seem interesting but you may still be wondering what the big deal is? What sets her apart from every other blog and artist?

 My answer to that question is that I honestly and couldn’t tell you; I guess you could say that she has a certain “je ne sais quoi”. When I found her Instagram I was so intrigued that before I knew it I had scrolled through her entire feed from start to finish without even realizing how deep I had gone into her account. I was inspired by the beautiful images of her posing in her artsy apartment. I love to collage my walls and it was so cool to see that someone else enjoyed having cluttered, colorful surroundings.

hudson 99 crop collage

My favorite image was the one of her in the pink pants (Which can be found on here Instagram, here) because she looks so happy. So, of course, I immediately planned my own photo shoot inspired by that single image.




I was also happy to learn that we had a mutual appreciation for gigantic earrings. Her earrings are always absolutely killer. 


I spotted these gigantic sequin earrings from j crew on her Instagram and decided that I just had to have them.

I immediately googled them and found that they were sold out from j crew but there were two pairs being sold on eBay. They were priced at around $90. Now usually this is way out of my price range (being a poor college student and all) especially for earrings. However, I just had to have them. I had already planned like 5 outfits with them before I even hit the purchase button.

orig 2 crop

This then lead me into the hole of eBay where I found two more pairs of gigantic j crew earrings that I decided I just couldn’t live without.

vignette - Copy edit

orig 2 - Copy edit

 I later discovered that Jenny also owned one of these pairs which allowed justify my lack of control.

hudson 100 - Copy edit

hudson 70 - Copy edit

Additionally, this girl is a seriously talented artist.

hudson 99 crop illustrations

 I am personally also into fashion illustration so obviously her stuff interests me a little bit more than the regular joe.

However, anyone should be impressed by how successful she has become in the fashion industry. Her work had been featured in many magazines, books and she even gets to draw for designers at their shows. This is my dizziest, dizziest daydream. So not only is her insta feed pure gold, she also has killer style, and my perfect dream job. I honestly want to become her.

Ultimately, I think the thing that really amazes me is what I found on her instagram. I have no shame that I scrolled all the way to the beginning of her feed. What I found was that she used to be a completely normal girl: blurry pictures, awkward poses, questionable posts and all. I’m sure she always had potential; but doesn’t everybody? So it’s pretty clear that I’m a little more than obsessed with this girl. However, the thing that really makes me so excited is the fact that she has accomplished so much. She has proven that it is completely possible for an ordinary girl like you or me to achieve their dreams, whether it lies in the fashion industry or not. And that, I think, is a lesson that we would all do well to remember.


Pineapple Girl

Angela Rose Keating | February 24, 2016




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